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We are a company committed to innovation. Our aim is providing society with high quality products that improve and care for human beings, animals, and environmental surroundings.

“Our core value lies in our highly qualified and committed team, making Labiana a benchmark in the human and animal health pharmaceutical industry internationally.” Manuel Ramos Ortega, CEO

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NIF A87992616
Avenida Europa, 34 1ºD
28023 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)
Electronic mail: investors@labiana.com
Telephone number: (+34) 91 991 26 28

Since it was founded in 1958 as a company specialised in manufacturing products for veterinary use, the Group has continuously grown, diversified and internationalised, becoming a benchmark animal and human health pharmaceutical group today.

Labiana currently has 4 companies in operation, 464 employees, 6 production plants (Serbia and Spain) with the capacity to absorb expected growth, a portfolio of its own medicines of over 50 products commercialised in more than 150 countries to over 300 clients, all leading national and international pharmaceutical groups, among which we can highlight several multinational companies Labiana has been working with for over fifteen years.

From 1980 to 1999, Labiana was part of the BASF Group, becoming BASF LABIANA; during this period, it developed injectable vitamins, becoming one of the principal producers of injectable products for animal health in Europea position it still retains.

Its vocation of service and the conviction that animal and human health are interdependent and linked to the ecosystems in which they coexist took the company in 2002 to incorporate a human health pharmaceutical division, and since then, it has continued growing, with a focus on the ‘One health’ principle.

With this same philosophy, in 2019, it incorporated the Serbian company  Veterinarski Zavod Subotica into the Group, opening the doors to a segment of high added value as are biological products (vaccines) in the animal health field, completing its product portfolio and offering a broader service to its clients.

Additionally, in 2019 the company also acquired Zoleant Pharmaceuticals International in Turkey, enabling the company to widen its own portfolio of products and to access new markets. Finally, in 2019, the company launched its companion animals’ division, LabianaPets, extending the focus of the Product Commercialization division.

Since its foundation in 1958 as a company specialised in animal nutrition products, the Group has experienced continuous growth, diversification and internationalization, becoming today a benchmark international pharmaceutical platform that is outstanding for:

Manufacturer of a wide range of its own generic products for animal and human health, among which we can highlight Fosfomycin Trometamol (a generic antibiotic for urinary infections) in human health.

CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) providing services for third parties in the development and manufacturing of medicines in a wide variety of presentations, specialised in sterile lyophilised and biological pharmaceutical formats.

Why invest in Labiana?

A great investment opportunity with a differential value proposition.

A benchmark actor in a highly specialised market* with high entry barriers.

The long-time support of top-level clients.

Wide-ranging technical knowledge in two synergistic markets (animal and human health).

Attractive growth and profitability prospects.

Note: *Pharmaceutical Industry (animal health and human health).

The first animal health platform with a footprint in  human health, listed in Spain.