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With its two manufacturing plants in Spain, LABIANA has the capacity to produce and offer the customer different pharmaceutical forms, sterile and non-sterile, liquid, solid, granular and oral powders.

Sterile products

Form: Ampoules
Format: 0,5-10 ml
Batch: 50-210 l

Form: Nasal spray
Format: 2-25 ml
Batch: 280 l

Form: Freeze dried
Format: 1-100 ml
Batch: 10-200 l

Form: Glass vials
Format: 1-500 ml
Batch: 50-2000 l

Form: Plastic vials
Format: 50-500 ml
Batch: 100-2000 l

Form: Eye drops
Format: 1-25 ml
Batch: 50-1000 l

Solid forms

Form: Tablets
Format: Film and sugar coat
Batch: 7-25 mm ø, 30-340 kg

Form: Capsules
Format: 4-2-1-0-0I
Batch: 40-280 kg

Form: Drums & cans
Format: 500 g-50 kg
Batch: 500 kg

Form: Blisters
Format: Alu/Alu – Alu/PVDC
Batch: 2-15 alveoli

Form: Sachets
Format: 1-2 kg
Batch: 20-500 kg

Form: Bottles
Format: Glass, plastic
Batch: Up to 250 tabs/bottle

Non-sterile products

Form: Glass vials
Format: 2-60 ml
Batch: 35-5000 l

Form: Sachets
Format: 1-50 ml
Batch: 100-2000 l

Form: Nasal spray
Format: 2-25 ml
Batch: 280 l

Form: Jars & drums
Format: 2-1000 l
Batch: 700-5000 l

Form: Vials & plastic bottles
Format: 10 ml-1 l
Batch: 100-5000 l