Calcio Inyectable Labiana

Injectable Solution
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Active substances

Calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, magnesium hypophosphite.


Treatment of physiological and pathological states that cause hypocalcemia accompanied by hypomagnesemia

Dosage and route of administration

Young bovine: 25-100 ml/animal.
Adult bovine: 250-310 ml/animal.
In bovine, for the animals that do not recover within 4-8 hours treatment should
be reassessed and, if necesarry, should be repeated.Adult horse: 250-600 ml/animal.
Young horse: 25 – 100 ml/animal.
Sheep, goats and swine: 25-100 ml/animal.
Piglets: 3-5 ml/animal.

IV administration.

Withdrawal period

Zero days.


100 and 500 ml vials.

Registry no. 3948 ESP


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