Labiana emphasizes the importance of prevention to avoid the transmission of diseases between pets and humans

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  • The company responds to this growing need by reinforcing the products offer in companion animals range. 

Taking into account that in Spain the canine population grew by 38% only from 2020 to 2021 and the feline population by 55% in the same period, according to data from Anfaac, and that we are facing an increase in vectors transmitting zoonotic diseases , largely due to climate change, Labiana warns that humans are more exposed than ever to a risk of transmission of this type of diseases.

Lyme disease, transmitted by the bite of ticks, or leishmaniasis, transmitted by the bite of sandflies, are just some of the zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Hence the importance of prevention, both in controlling the main vector of the disease, and in pets and humans.

Beyond animal welfare, the joint action of antiparasitics contributes to reducing incidence rates and guaranteeing the health of both our pets and our families. Therefore, in order to respond to this need, Labiana, through its pets division LabianaPets, enhanced the number of products’ offer in four years providing effective solutions for veterinary clinics.

With the aim of avoiding the transmission of diseases and improving the quality and life expectancy of our pets, Labiana recently launched in Spain Milprazon Sabor, the premium range of the Milprazon internal antiparasitic line, now palatable and chewable. It is an effective and broad-spectrum combination, covered by a film with a pork liver flavor, small in size, oval in shape and without edges, which greatly facilitates the ingestion, both in cats (which are very selective animals) and in dogs.

The ease of application of a product to pets is a very important aspect of the treatment from the pet-owner point of view, and influences directly its success. Furthermore, a large number of parasitic diseases, such as hydatid disease or gastro-intestinal parasitism, can also be transmitted to humans.

The launch of this product also occurs after the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has recently recognized the antiparasitic Ataxxa, administered with a pipette, as an effective alternative for reducing the risk of infection. by Leishmania Infantum through transmission by sandflies.