Labhidro® AD3E + C

Oral solution
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Vitamin A, C, D3, E.


Avitaminosis A, D or E. Decrease in the fertility rate. Increase resistance against diseases. For faster growth, parasitism, in case of hot or excessively humid weather, treatments, changes in the shelter or food, etc. As a general stimulant of weary or weakened animals of all species, in critical periods of the animals’ life, such as periods of reproduction, pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and route of administration

Bovine, ovine and caprine. Adults: 0,25 ml/litre/day. Calves, lambs and kids: 0.7 ml/litre/day.

Porcine: 0.25 ml/litre/day.

Horses. Adults: 0.65 ml/litre/day. Foals: 0.5 ml/litre/day.

Poultry. Broiler chickens: 0.2 ml/litre/day. Laying hens: 6 ml/litre in drinking water in two consecutive days.

Rabbits: 0.3 ml/litre/day.

Oral administration in drinking water.


200 ml and 1 litre bottles. 5 litres jug.