Prostaglandin in injectable solution
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Active substance

Prostaglandin F2α.


Cows: Induction of oestrus, diestrus and anoestrus treatment, induction of luteolysis in cows with corpus luteum cyst or luteal follicular cyst, subinvolution syndromes therapy, subacute or chronic metritis, pyometra, interruption of unwanted pregnancy, withdrawal of mummified foetus in the uterus, induction of labour and repetitions.

Ewes: Induction or synchronization of oestrus.

Sows: Induction of labour, interruption of unwanted pregnancy.

Mares: Induction of oestrus, treatment of persistent corpus luteum, early termination of unwanted pregnancy, uterine inflammation and metritis of different origin.

Dosage and route of administration

Cows: 5-6 ml of Prosyl®/cow/day.

Ewes: 2 ml of Prosyl®/ewe/day.

Sows: 2-3 ml of Prosyl®/sow/day.

Mares: 1 ml of Prosyl®/mare/day.

Deep IM route.

Withdrawal period

Cows, ewes and mares. Meat: 2 days.

Cows and ewes. Milk: 1 day.

Sows. Meat: 4 days.


5, 10, 20 and 50 ml vials.

Registry no. 1079 ESP