Lincolab® 400 mg/g

Powder for drinking water
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Active substance

Lincomycin (hydrochloride).


Porcine: Treatment of swine dysentery caused by strains of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae sensitive to lincomycin.

Poultry: Control of necrotic enteritis caused by strains of Clostridium perfringens sensitive to lincomycin.

Dosage and route of administration

To be administered in drinking water

Porcine: 12.5-25 mg / kg body weight /day a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10 consecutive days.

Poultry: Administer for 7 consecutive days 7.5-15 mg / kg body weight /day.

Withdrawal period

Porcine. Meat: zero days.

Poultry. Meat: zero days. Eggs: 3 days.


100 g sachet. 350 g sachet. 1 kg bag.

Registry no. 1954 ESP


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