Equipromazina 5 mg/ml

Acepromazine maleate in injectable solution
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Active substance

Acepromazine maleate.


Horses not intended for human consumption: Tranquilizer for handling difficult animals and in stressful situations for the animal. Anaesthetic premedication to reduce the use and toxicity of general anaesthesia. Adjuvant in equine spasmodic colic treatment.

Dosage and route of administration

Moderate sedation (without subsequent anaesthesia). IM route: 0.1-0.2 ml / 10 kg of body weight Anaesthetic premedication. IM route: 0.06 -0.1 ml /10 kg of body weight IV route: 0.04-0.08 ml /10 kg of body weight Adjuvant in the treatment of spasmodic colic. IM or IV: 0.08 ml /10 kg of body weight Administration routes: IV, IM.

Withdrawal period

Do not use in horses whose meat or milk is used for human consumption.


25 and 100 ml vials.

Registry no. 2.082 ESP


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