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Privacy Policy of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. official Social Networks

1. Information on the entity responsible for processing data hosted on the official LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. in the social networks

In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving the Implementing Regulation of the LOPD (hereinafter RDLOPD) LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. informs the users of this social network of the policy regarding processing and protection of personal data of those who voluntarily access and use the official website of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. Access and use of this official page of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. assumes that the user expressly accepts this privacy policy and consents to processing the personal data provided therein.

2. Data of Minors or People with Disabilities

Access and registration in this social network is prohibited to children under the age of fourteen (14), it is also prohibited for children under the age of fourteen (14) to use and access the official website of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. Additionally, if the user suffers disabilities, LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. warns that the consented assistance of the guardian or person responsible for the user’s tutelage or the legal representative will be necessary to access and use this official page of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. will be expressly exempt from any responsibility derived from the use of its official page by minors and people with disabilities, responsibility that lies in their legal representatives.

3. Identification of the business name of the entity responsible for the file

The user is informed that LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L., with registered address in C/CASANOVA 27-31 08757 CORBERA DE LLOBREGAT, is responsible for the files and processing of the user’s personal data collected and stored as a result of registration and use of the official page of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. in this social network, notwithstanding the processing under the responsibility of the entity owning the social network where our official site is hosted. 

4. Purposes of personal data, information and consent

Personal data, voluntarily provided by the user to LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L., through its official website will be part of a data file under the responsibility of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. with the purpose of offering information on LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L., by e-mail, fax, SMS, MMS, social communities or any other electronic or physical means, present or future, for commercial communication, sending a newsletter to those users who subscribe, exchange information with LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. and other users and establishing communication with third parties.

The use of this official page implies free, unambiguous, specific, informed and express consent for the processing by LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. of the personal data supplied with the purpose of delivering said services as established in the present policy.

Users are free to use the official page of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. in this social network, therefore, if a user does not agree with the processing of their data for such purposes, they should not use the network or provide their personal data.

Through this official LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. website, the user can share texts, photos, videos and other information and/or contents that will be subject both to this policy and to the Norms and Conditions of the Platform. The user will be responsible for all the contents they publish, according to current legislation, this policy and the Norms of the Platform.

Users of this official LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. website should only publish personal data, photographs and information or other content that they own, or if not, with the authorization of third parties.

LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. shall be entitled to remove from the official website – unilaterally and without the user’s prior communication or authorization – any content published by the user that infringes current legislation, norms established in this policy and the Norms of the Platform.

5. Identification of recipients for which LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. plans to make data communications or disclosures

Users are warned that all information and contents they publish in the social network on the official LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L.U. website may be disclosed to other users of the official website and the social network platform. Consequently, all information and contents published by the user in the official LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. website, on this social network, will be available to the rest of the users in accordance with the nature of the service.

LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. only envisages disclosure or communication of data that, according to the current regulations, must be given to judges, courts, public administrations and competent authorities.

6. Other third-party service providers

LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. warns the user that this entity is only responsible and guarantees the confidentiality, security and treatment of the data in accordance with this policy, with respect to the personal data collected by the company through the official website in this social network. LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. does not have any responsibility for the processing and subsequent use of personal data that could be made by both the owner of the social network and third party providers of information society services that could access such data due to the provision of their services or exercise of their activity, third parties that establish hyperlinks to the social network, or those responsible to whom LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. through hyperlinks refers to users adhering to this official website.

7. Data quality

LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. warns the user that, except in case of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, therefore, users must at all times bear in mind that they can only provide their own personal data, data which is adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. In any case, the user must respect the privacy of third parties, users or not of the social network or of the official page of LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L.

8. Exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of data

LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of a written request addressed to LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. with registered office in C/CASANOVA 27-31 08757 CORBERA DE LLOBREGAT, or an address replacing this, communicated to the General Registry of Data Protection. For this purpose, the interested party must send a written communication to LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. indicating the request or right to be exercised, together with a copy of their Identity Card or another legally valid document that proves identity, expressly stating the username on the official LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. website in the social network, in order to identify the person unequivocally.

9. Other information of interest

LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. may modify and/or replace at any time this policy which, according to the circumstances, will replace, complete and/or modify the currently published document. Therefore, the user is advised to regularly access it, in order to keep up to date.

The user can contact LABIANA PHARMACEUTICALS, S.L. through the internal messaging service of the social network or through the following addresses and contact details:

Email: postmaster@labiana.com

Likewise, the user can consult the norms and policies of use published by the owner of the social network.

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